Music Monday: Gym Sounds

by Dana on February 7, 2011

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Today is not a typical music Monday. Instead, I have a little challenge for you: Head to the gym without your music player and ear buds and enjoy the gym sounds instead.

While I completely understand that music keeps us motivated and focused, a couple of years ago, I started working out without my music player so that I could be present in the moment. Without the headphones, I can take in the good and not-so-good gym sounds: the whrrr of the cardio machines, the clinking of people racking weights, the conversations of people talking (on the phone next to me sometimes, ugh), and the music of which I have no control on the loudspeaker.

It’s a different kind of exercise. An exercise in seeing how focused you can be without tuning the world out, seeing who you might connect with since there are no barriers, seeing if you notice things you might not have before because of the sounds around you.

I thought I wouldn’t last very long without the music player, but the music they play at my gym isn’t all that bad and it’s a lot of fun taking in everything that’s going on around me.

So, take a day this week and leave the music player at home then stop back and let me know what you hear and how you see things differently as a result.

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