Places To Buy Gear For Cash-Strapped Age Groupers

I recently tweeted about a site I found called Bonktown where they offer “primo” deals on gear for road riders.

RangerDutch responded that it was a great new find because as a “cash-strapped age grouper” he looks for every bit of savings he can find.

This got me thinking, what are other gear resources available online or in-store that will help amateur athletes get the gear they need that might give them a competitive edge? So the below is a list of places along with some shopping tricks to get you in the gear zone.

  • Road Runner Sports – they have an online outlet that offers deals on everything from shoes to tops for men and women.
  • Swim Outlet – recommend by Dutch.
  • Bike Nashbar – shop the closeouts from this long-standing cycling favorite.
  • REI – they also have an online outlet but one of their biggest draws is their used gear sale for which people line up hours in advance. Check with your local store not only to confirm when the sale is held, but also how they organize letting people into the sale.
  • Big 5 Sporting Goods – While they won’t have the some overall gear as many of the above ideas, they do have different workout basics that often go on sale so if you’re traveling and you want to create your own mini-gym you can find some deals here.
  • Ingenuity/Gear re-engineering – If cash is really tight or you’re in a bind because of injury or inclement weather, think through your basic needs and how you might use what you have and make it work. When Carrie of This Mama Makes Stuff injured her toe, in her usual style, she refashioned an old pair of shoes. When Beth of Shut Up and Run found herself in the mountains without her arm warmers, she made her own.

In any store, buy off season and shop the clearance rack whenever you can. You’ll be surprised what great deals you can find!

What stores would you add to this list?

And there is always the H20 Audio & Words to Sweat by giveaway you can enter for an opportunity to win one of three prize packages that any gear hound would love.

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