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Aren't Your Fingers Tired From All The Pointing? (aka Ashley Judd Lays It All Out) | Words To Sweat By

Aren’t Your Fingers Tired From All The Pointing? (aka Ashley Judd Lays It All Out)

by Dana on April 11, 2012


“That the conversation about my face was initially promulgated largely by women is a sad and disturbing fact.”

– Ashley Judd


You’ve all seen Ashley Judd’s “puffy” face, right? I mean, let’s be honest, her face does look different. So first, you did a double take and then you started to wonder what happened.

Some jumped straight to “plastic surgery” whereas others may have speculated pregnancy at her *gasp* advanced age, and still others (who most likely have been through it themselves) wondered if it was a bad reaction to medication.

Like so many other women whose appearance changes over time – some naturally and some not-so-naturally – people start picking her apart; and by “people,” I mean women.

While Ashley Judd’s entire article in the Daily Beast addressing the media’s speculation about her puffy face is an extremely powerful one that brings out a whole host of topics to discuss, it is the above quote that currently haunts me most. Then I made the mistake of reading the comments to her article and the venomous insults only continued.

When will it end?

I know women scrutinizing every little thing about other women isn’t new, but it’s certainly something I always hoped would steadily  diminish over time. It appears that not only have things not changed, but they’ve escalated, especially with the rise of social media and the ability to say mean, hurtful things in an instant.

I’ll suspend reality for a bit and not even address how, in the grand scheme world events, this even became ‘newsworthy’ and instead ask, whatever happened to thinking before you speak? To recognizing that our words impact those around us and we should promote positive messages instead of negativity?

Women and men of all ages are witnessing and internalizing all of the awful things that are being said about something no one but Ashley and her family know anything about and is none of our business regardless.

Aren’t people’s fingers tired from all the pointing?

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