How Do I Take A Break With So Much Going On?

I think everyone asks themselves this question. Everything seems to move at such a clip pace that if we take a break, we’ll miss something; and that something we missed might be just what we were waiting for all this time.

To this I say: loosen the grip. Holding on to something so tightly that it keeps us wound isn’t good for our physical or mental health. Not only that, but often times it is the constancy of it all that doesn’t allow things to flow naturally.

The basest example: When combing your hair, take a moment to see how tightly you’re gripping the comb or brush. Are your knuckles turning red and your fingers getting cramped? While an extreme example, you’ll be surprised to see how tightly you might be holding on – to this, and to other things in your life.

So loosen your grip and give yourself a break. If you’re looking for a quick start guide on how you might going about doing this, tiny budda offer this post as a starting point.

Leave a comment below and let me know which of these you try and how they work for you.

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