I Want Be Part Of The Dine ‘N Dish Challenge!

Dine ‘N Dish With Words to Sweat by and Around the Plate!

The Dine ‘N Dish challenge officially starts today! For those new to the concept, here is reasoning behind the Dine ‘N Dish Challenge.

It’s so straightforward, it might seem silly to hold a challenge, even – but now with everything back in full swing – school (for people of every age) and all the activities that come with it, old habits creep right back into our day-to-day. So simple meal prep and planning changes that you can integrated into your routine now will mean healthier eating when it’s dark at 4 PM (or at least feels like it) and cooking is the last thing on your mind.

Explain the Challenge To Me Again Please

This is all about rollover ingredients. Plan out your meals for the week and while making one meal, prep some additional ingredients to use in another meal during the week. The ability to pull something already cut/prepped out of the fridge will make you more likely to use it since it will require little-to-no effort to include it as part of your meal.

To help you with new ideas,not only will Kati from Around the Plate and I be sharing some of our thoughts, but Kati has enlisted some wonderful bloggers in her ThePlate community. To date the following bloggers who will be providing you with some new ideas:

How Do I Enter The Dine ‘N Dish Challenge?

Since it takes more than trying something once or twice, we’re looking to jump start things with a 10-day challenge that we hope will turn into a longer term habit.

The challenge officially launches today and ends on October 21st to give you the opportunity to think about how to approach the challenge before jumping in and then have 10 consecutive days to complete the challenge so that the habit has time to take root.

To enter, you need only comment on the official launch post on October 1st that you want to participate and then get started.

To support you in this challenge, the following tools have been created:

  1. The Dine ‘N Dish pledge (PDF) – sign this pledge and keep it in a high traffic area of your home to keep you accountable and motivated throughout the challenge.
  2. The Dine ‘N Dish quick list (PDF) – Plan out the meals for which you intend to have rollover ingredients and then the meals that will benefit from those already-prepped ingredients. Remember, leftovers don’t count. These need to be ‘raw’ ingredients that are saved to incorporate into a whole new meal.
  3. The Dine ‘N Dish punch card (PDF) – This is a fun, visual way to keep track of your progress throughout the challenge. Thank you Andi from Lunch It, Punch It for creating this for us!
  4. Grab a button (below) for your blog to let people know you’re participating.

Dine 'N Dish Challenge

The Dine ‘N Dish Grand Prize

While completing the challenge and learning a new way to make healthy meal planning easier is reward enough, it’s always fun to win some goodies along with it so we are offering a wonderful grand prize to a lucky participant. The winner of the Dine ‘N Dish challenge will get:

The Dine ‘N Dish Challenge Rules

  • You must leave a comment on this post, the official challenge start post, saying you intend to participate.
  • You must prep ingredients for 10 different meals for 10 consecutive days. This can be any meal throughout the day. For example, did you cut up red bell pepper for a salad with dinner? Chop up enough to include in an omelet the following day (then actually cook the omelet and eat or serve it) and voilà you’ve completed one day of the challenge.
  • Meals previously cooked and eaten another day are considered leftovers, not rollovers.
  • Upon completion of the 10 days and meals, you must leave a comment on the “I Completed The Dine ‘N Dish Challenge” post and pinkie swear that you followed the above rules.
  • The challenge ends at midnight PST on October 21st. A winner will be selected using a random number generator October 24nd and the name of the winner will be announced on the Words to sweat by blog.
  • This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada. Void where prohibited.

Make sure to check out both the Words to Sweat by blog and Around the Plate leading up to and throughout the challenge for links to meal ideas from our participating bloggers, as well as other tools and resources that will help you work on healthy new habits!

For the latest updates, follow @Dinendish on Twitter.

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