Root for Reutter Contest Winners

Katherine Reutter & the Capannari Crew

Congratulations to Katherine on her silver overall medal in short track at the World Championships! Today, we announce the winners of the “Root for Reutter – Countdown to Worlds” contest and will be awarding Katherine’s mantra towel to a winner from each day of the contest.

We are still determining how to award the grand prize because while the 300 total comments weren’t reached, the participation from Katherine’s fans each day was wonderful. Stay tuned for more information on that later this week.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Here are the results:

Day 1: What is Katherine’s favorite food?

Answer: Mac ‘n cheese (17 correct answers)

Winner: Comment #13 of the correct answers: Margaret Douglass

Day 2: Which two Olympic medalist speed skaters are also from Katherine’s hometown?

Answer: Bonnie Blair and Jonathan Kuck

Winner: Comment #18 – Sue Boone

Day 3: How many World medals has Katherine won?

We realize this question was confusing therefore entries were determined if the your answer was World Cup medals or World medals.  There were three correct answers.

Answer: World Cup medals: 31 World Cup medals: 27

Winner: Melody Lin

Day 4: How many scoops of ice cream did Katherine eat after her silver medal win in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics?

Answer: Capannari’s in Mt. Prospect, IL built an 18 scoop cone and Katherine ate them all!

Winner: Comment #16 – Susan Pinnell

Final Day: How does Katherine inspire you?

Winner: Comment #7 – Todd

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  1. Hi,

    It was fun reading the answers to the questions about Katherine. Eighteen scoops of ice cream. My, my!! As much as I love ice cream, I don’t think I could eat that many. Even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to skate them off, and they would just hang right on to my middle.


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