Do You Take An “All or Nothing” Fitness Approach?

There are days where I feel that some of the more popular fitness mantras are actually counterproductive. They push us in a way that isn’t healthy, that doesn’t afford for the mistakes humans will naturally make.

Initially the mantra “all or nothing” fell into this category. It was a pointed statement like “do or die” where people pushed themselves past their limits and may have succeeded, but at what cost?

And then my thinking started to shift and become broader in its scope. “All or nothing” became the fitness mantra of those who were dedicating themselves 100% to the process – both the successes and failures. “All or nothing” means committing 100% to the hardest workout day as well as taking rest days seriously.

“All or nothing” means being present in each moment even when it feels impossible.

So now I say, go ahead and go “all in” to your fitness goals and reap the results.

Share Your Thoughts

What fitness mantra has changed over time to have a more positive meaning for you?

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