Showing Compassion: Heart Is Hot

Heart is Hot! While giving gifts is something I really enjoy doing, it’s not something I do because I am supposed to on a certain date or at a certain time. This is not to say that I don’t follow some conventions, but I often try to do it when the mood strikes me. I mean, who doesn’t want a surprise little something to brighten his or her day or commemorate an occasion that is not celebrated by everyone?

So when I met Sahara Damore on Twitter last year and learned more about her beautiful glass hearts she offers at  Heart Is Hot, I knew I had a new option for my “thinking of you” gift that would touch more than just my friends’ lives. This heart would create a story of its own as it came into the hands of each new owner. Just like the movie “Le violon rouge/The Red Violin” my imagination goes wild at someone, someday 100 years from now telling the story of a single, glass heart. It’s quite powerful.

I don’t know about others, but I had a specific wish in my head for the recipient of each heart. With one, for example, it was for strength and healing. With another, it was for safety and peace of mind. Both were meant to demonstrate how deeply I care for each person. I am also quite excited to know that each has embraced the “Pass Love Forward” concept and will be passing the hearts to someone new when their time with them is through.

I am often reminded that it is the smallest of gestures that often show the greatest amount of compassion.

So, with whom will you share your heart today?

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